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Although not required, software tools can help to implement a project management process in practice. In order to provide comprehensive, low-cost tool support for project management, specifically, for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), we are evolving the free open-source tool dotProject in alignment with the PMBOK and CMMI-DEV (PP and PMC).

And, in order to support the teaching of project management tools, we also enhanced dotProject+ by re-organizing its functionality in alignment with the PM process facilitating the tool usage during the PM process execution. Instructional features also include a feedback mechanism, providing comments and suggestions on the project plans being developed, such as inconistencies or omissions in relation with PM theory.



Find more information on the new add-ons by downloading the slides explaining the new add-ons (in Brazilian Portuguese).

Try it out! Access new add-ons for free  here. We suggest to download the integrated version (as several modules are interrelated and interchange data). However, there still exists the possibility to download only a specific module. More information in our installation guide (in Portuguese). Want to adapt or evolve dotProject+? Check out our development guide (in Portuguese).

Any bugs, improvement suggestions or comments?

Check out also our  publications on dotProject+

Are you using dotProject+ to teach project management? Find out more about how to evaluate here. Please share your data with us in order to help us improving the material (via email: dotprojectplus@gmail.com)

Assiste a apresentação (video) sobre a unidade instrucional para ensinar o uso de ferramentas de gerenciamento de projeto de software com dotProject+ (slides).

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