MEEGA+ A model for evaluating educational games

MEEGA+ is a model to evaluate the quality of educational games used to teach computing/software engineering in terms of player experience and perceived learning from the viewpoint of the learners.









Improving MEEGA, the model has been developed by systematically decomposing the evaluation goal into measures and defining a measurement instrument.

It provides a ready-to-use kit (including a questionnaire and analysis spreadsheet) to game creators, instructors and researchers to evaluate the quality of educational games in and effective and efficient way in practice. As it is applied in a one-shot post-test research design it can be used quickly in an non-intrusive way after the application of any kind of game (digital or non-digital).



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Or check out the tool Assistant Meega developed by USES/ICOMP/UFAM supporting the planning, execution and analysis based on MEEGA+ (in Brazilian Portuguese only).





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